Body Care Ministry

Dea. Steve Wallace and Sis Lorraine Wallace (Stewards)

Deacon Ministry – Steve Wallace
Deaconess Ministry – Sis Maggie Jagoe
Mothers Ministry – Mother Atwood & Mother Agnes Veasley
Care Ministry – Sis Frances Booker
Samaritan Ministry – Sis Marion Young & Andrew Chiles

Family/Life Ministry

Men’s Ministry – Dea. Michael Davis (Steward)
Women’s Ministry – Minister Greta Anthony (Steward)
Youth Ministry – Tiarrie Robinson
College and Careers – Bro. James Payne
Senior Ministry – Sis Brenda Favors
Book Club – Sis. Mia Wilkes

Multi-Media Ministry

Audio/Visual – Sis. Tiarrie Robinson

Spiritual Development Ministries
Dea. Charles Wayne and Sis Penny Payne (Stewards)
Thursdays at THE SHIP – TBD
Sunday School – Sis. Penny Payne
Evangelism – TBD
Community Outreach – Sis. Yolanda Garnet
Interwoven – Sis. Giselle Forbes

Service Ministries
Sis. Penny Atwood & Deacon Joe Mayee (Stewards)
Hospitality – Sis. Kelly Anderson & Sis. Precious Morgan
Ushers – Sis. Tonya Burton
Nurses – Sis. Eva Smith & Sis Jayden Brown
Safety – Sis. Glenda Crowley
Culinary – Bro. Wayne Johnson

Stewardship Ministries
Bro. Derek Parson & Bro. Maurice Peoples (Stewards)
Trustee Chairperson – Bro. Derek Parson
Treasurer – Bro. Maurice Peoples
Special Events – Sis. Trina Long
Transportation – Sis. Latoya Peoples

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